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Where did Dora Bakoyannis learn math? :D

Macedonian cartoon response to Dora Bakoyannis math knowledge. Advertisements

Math and Greek foreign minister Dora Bakoyani

Greek foreign minister Dora Bakoyani, a racist and denier of the existence of the Macedonians, does not know how to count. Gets an “F” on a simple math test, but heads the Greek foreign ministry

Lost and dazed Greek foreign Minister Dora Bakoyani

Greek foreign Minister Dora Bakoyani was clearly lost and dazed when asked about Greece’s lack of minority rights for Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Roma, and Vlach, and its non-ratification of key international human rights treaties dealing with minority rights. She did not know what to respond with and ended with a confused non-relevant “explanation”. Toward the […]